CIBRA(City Bowl Ratepayers '& Residents Association)

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8 010

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All civic matters of interest to residents & ratepayers, including built heritage conservation

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The Boundary as per the "Definitions" in CIBRA's constitution: "Ward" shall mean the area known as the City Bowl bordered by Boundary road to the north-west and enclosed by the Table Mountain National Park to the north-west, west, south and south-east up to De Waal Drive/M3, east viat the top of Roeland Street and north vai De Villiers / Tennant Street, east into Sir Lowry road up to the Eastern Boulevard/N2 and north up to the Harbour. NOTE: CIBRA has no paid admin personnel and may only be able to answer emails once a month. Please therefore consult the CIBRA website at this link : for full guidelines how to submit an application to CIBRA to ensure that a comment can be provided.